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Imagine this scenario... You contact your local car dealership for sponsorship money. Two weeks pass by and you do not hear from them so you logically think that they were not interested. On Monday morning, the third week, you receive a call from the car dealership's Vice President of Marketing. He asks you if you can present your race team's sponsorship proposal to their board of directors on Friday afternoon at 1pm. Great news, right? Well it should be.

You call your parents and your crew chief to tell them what just happened. They are thrilled about it and that's when everybody starts asking the questions. What and how do we present our proposal? What should we bring with us? Who should come to the presentation? What do we wear?

This is just a made up scenario. If you are serious about your racing career and if you actively seek sponsorships for your motorsports organization you will hopefully come across scenarios like this over and over. The real question is, are you ready or not? Companies will call you back after weeks or months being idle and require you to be ready in few days notice to convince them why they should invest their money in you. So how will you respond? Will you call them back and say that you are sorry and that you are not ready or will you close the deal? Does your race team have its "ducks in a row"?

Motorsports industry marketing is pretty much the same as marketing in any other industry. Your organization must be ready by having professional clothing, business cards, logos, a professional website, rehearsed presentations, letter heads and brochures. It is relatively cheap and easy to build fan following online. Blogs and forums are becoming more popular not just as a leisure activity but as a professional tool used to convince your sponsors to invest their valuable marketing money in your organization. If you can show them the ROI that they're looking for and a fan base to which they will have access there is no limit on the size of a sponsor or amount of sponsorship money that you can secure.

We put "marketing" in our name because we understand the importance and necessity of marketing your motorsports organization. We have years of experience providing the tools that will make your organization stand out in the crowd. today for a consultation.